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Πέμπτη, 1 Ιουλίου 2010

A special occasion (Bracelet)

One of my very good friends, Martin, is getting married this July. So he wanted to make something special for his wife-to-be Claire :) He asked me to make a bracelet with real pearl beads, and 3 sterling silver heart shaped beads so that he could engrave on them the 3 most significant dates of his life. The date that he met her, the date that he proposed to her in Crete, and their wedding date..... He wants to give that bracelet as a wedding present on the day of the event, so that she can wear it throughout the day.

As for me...I would never say no to such a request!!

God Bless both of you midear friend :)

Bracelet made with real pearl beads, 3 sterling silver beads, and a silver plated clasp.
Code: BRC09

Full price list and inquiries at

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