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Κυριακή, 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2011

This Year...

Φετος τα Χριστούγεννα θα είναι διαφορετικά. Φέτος θα στηρίξουμε με τις επιλογές μας τους συνανθρώπους μας. Γι'αυτό το λόγο φέτος δε θα έχει γούρια και στολίδια. Θα έχει μπρελόκ, που τα κέρδη από τις πωλήσεις θα πάνε στο Καταφύγιο Ζώων της Θεσσαλονίκης. Φέτος περισσότερο από ποτέ πρέπει να δείξουμε ότι υπάρχει ανθρωπιά και καλοσύνη μέσα μας, για να πάρουμε όλοι δύναμη για τον καινούριο χρόνο που έρχεται :) Στηρίξτε μας να στηρίξουμε με τη σειρά μας περισσότερες ψυχές.

This Christmas we've decided to help a charity by creating keyrings. Instead of good luck charms and ornaments, we sell the keyrings, and all the profits will go towards the Animal Refuge in Thessaloniki. This year, most of every other one, we need to show that we care about other souls that suffer and help the people that are taking care of them to continue to support them.

Price: 14 euros (incl postal)

Info and orders at

                                                       ...thank you!!

The Refuge has been running since 1996. and was established by John Laden.

“ANIMAL REFUGE” has a space of 7 acres with facilities, a surgery room, hospitalisation building of 12 rooms and kitchen, personnel residence , guest room, home for cats, an deposit, dogs kennels from 20 to 300 square metre each. All that.,with no help from the state

It is the only shelter in northern Greece with freehold ownership of its land. The shelter currently houses 200 dogs and 50 cats ( adults, puppies, blind and three-leg animals, elder, and also animals that were abandoned by the relatives of old people when they died or were closed in nursing homes) .

It has a contract with Thessaloniki Municipality to neuter stray animals in its area.

The shelter fulfills four main roles:

1.The collection of stray and injured animals. Additionally we intervene in all matters of animal neglect/cruelty/abuse and problems involving strays in a wide area of northern Greece.

2. The veterinary treatment of animals – all dogs and cats are neutered by selected veterinarians.

3.The rehoming of dogs and cats (including catch, neuter, release) after all examinations and tests have been completed successfully. Dogs and cats are rehomed in accordance with Greek and EU legislation

4.We are frequently invited to appear on t.v. Programs, radio talk shows and we have given many interviews for the local and national press. Furthermore, we participate in every demonstration against live animal performances, circuses and other shows.

The shelter is run by The Refuge Board, which has seven members.The shelter has two paid members of staff to undertake the day to day care, feeding and maintainence of the shelter.

In addition, since 2002, Vasso Hatzimanoli by official decision of the Mayor of Thessaloniki, is designated as a special assistant (without a salary) responsible for the entire stray/neuter/release program of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

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  1. Να τα πούμε;

    Η ερώτηση είναι ρητορική, έτσι κι αλλιώς είμαστε αποφασισμένοι να τα πούμε!

    Καλά Χριστούγεννα!

    Αθηνά, mitsopd, Μαρίνα Ζέας…

  2. Τις ευχές μας, εκ βάθους καρδίας, δια αίσιον και ευτυχές το Νέον Έτος!

    Αθηνά, mitsopd, Μαρίνα Ζέας